Health-wise, 2023 was the most challenging year for me. I was living with unimaginable pain for most of the year. Then, a “Miracle” prevailed – I have been without pain for over three months. I call “Miracle” the several doctors involved in my healing, each with different treatments, and I am genuinely grateful to each one. I received Prolozone therapy from Dr. Steven Weiner. Because of my other medical condition, I only received three treatments, which I believe did help in my final healing. The correct diagnosis that my sciatica pain was caused by the piriformis muscle, not by a bulging disc as previously diagnosed was crucial in my healing process. Dr. Weiner asks many questions, lets you ask many questions, and gives you the answers and advice regarding your concerns. I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Steven Weiner at Michigan Interventional Pain Associates if you are in pain. His friendly staff is always helpful. Grateful, Marina C Neves.