Real Patient Testimonials

I am so impressed with Dr. Wiener. I thought I needed surgery for my hip but after 3 treatments of ozone, I am free of pain. My other hip started to bother me so again I went to Dr. Wiener. And again, the pain is gone. If you are told you need surgery, please try this before going under the knife. It is a miracle treatment.

Gail Bernhardt

You go to some doctors and you’re just another appointment, just another file but Dr. S. Minnot genuinely shows compassion and makes a person feel like they’re in good hands. My journey addressing my pain has been a long process this is the first time I’ve had to deal with less pain because of her pain management skillset. One thing I noticed right off she took into account my BMI (body mass index) and by doing that she was able to come up with a proper prescription management regimen for me to function in life without so much daily pain. I truly appreciate this doctor.

Dr Minott is wonderful, she really listens to you. She has helped me so much. I highly recommend her. Her staff is great!

Jan Allen

Dr. Minott took a totally different approach to my back pain problem. Rather than give me a shot immediately to relieve the pain, she decided to work it a different way. And I must say, her approach cleared up my back pain almost immediately.

Dr. Minott was very thorough and engaging and really took her time explaining the process to me, I did not feel rushed at all, she spoke to me like a person and I have never felt so comfortable in a Dr’s office. THANK YOU!!!

Dr. Minott is wonderful, she really listens to you. She has helped me so much. I highly recommend her. Her staff is great!

Jan Allen

Excellent caring doctors. Wonderful support staff.

Mary Joyce

Had a consultation with Dr. Minott for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and was so very pleased with the entire experience. Her office staff is so friendly and professional.

Health-wise, 2023 was the most challenging year for me. I was living with unimaginable pain for most of the year. Then, a “Miracle” prevailed – I have been without pain for over three months. I call “Miracle” the several doctors involved in my healing, each with different treatments, and I am genuinely grateful to each one. I received Prolozone therapy from Dr. Steven Weiner. Because of my other medical condition, I only received three treatments, which I believe did help in my final healing. The correct diagnosis that my sciatica pain was caused by the piriformis muscle, not by a bulging disc as previously diagnosed was crucial in my healing process. Dr. Weiner asks many questions, lets you ask many questions, and gives you the answers and advice regarding your concerns. I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Steven Weiner at Michigan Interventional Pain Associates if you are in pain. His friendly staff is always helpful. Grateful, Marina C Neves.

Marina Castro-Neves

They really care about you! Very nice staff.

Barbie Sause

The staff was very pleasant and so nice. My brother went here for his neck pain and was very pleased with the doctors. They took time and listen to him and went over several treatment options with him. We have no complaints!

Sharonda Manns

I’ve never had Doctors that cared so much! I had a ruptured disk pinching a nerve. They didn’t hesitate to help me! Dr. Minott is wonderful as well along with the staff!!! I’m blessed to find them! And highly recommend them!!!

Lisa Moxlow

Dr wiener is very compassionate and knowledgeable. He is matter-of-fact but in a beneficial way. He listened to me tell my spiel about how my pain started. He asked important questions throughout my appointment that made me feel he was truly interested in helping me. I highly recommend.

Dr. Wiener was very compassionate and friendly. The staff was so nice to me as well! He offered me many options for my pain which I appreciated! If you are looking for more than just medication as an option, go see him! I definitely recommend!

Samantha Johnson

Dr. Wiener and Dr. Minott are both incredible and knowledgeable! They take their time and really listen. They offer alternative therapies and don’t just push you into one option. Staff are all very pleasant as well. I highly recommend.

Marissa Nienhuis

I think this place is top-notch. I have been under the care of two different doctors at the moment and they take pride in great care and interest in solving my pain issues and making sure I try to live the best life possible.