Michigan’s Leading Interventional Pain Clinic

At Michigan Interventional Pain Associates (MIPA), our pain clinic’s mission is to reduce pain and bring quality back to our patients’ lives through technology, professional excellence, and compassion.

MIPA is committed to providing the highest quality state of the art pain management to our patients; to continually anticipate and exceed the changing health, overall wellness and pain management needs of our community.


Our Pain Management Physicians

Why Pain Specialist?

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain that has impacted your quality of life?
  • Is every day a challenge?
  • Does this condition affect your ability to make it to work or enjoy the things you used to do with ease?
  • Have you lost hope that your pain will ever go away?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is YES, you should see a pain specialist. Contact us.


The doctors at Michigan Interventional Pain Associates were very caring. They took the time to explain my diagnosis and the procedure. The staff took great care of me. They were all very caring and professional. See More