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Michigan Interventional Pain Associates

Our Pain Treatment Focus

Michigan Interventional Pain Associates (MIPA) Services specializes in interventional and conservative management of both acute and chronic pain.

MIPA focuses its energies on the following areas:

  • Excellent Care
  • Compassionate Support
  • Sincere Follow Up

What to Expect at Michigan Interventional Pain Associates?

A board-certified pain physician will review your medical history, discuss the causes of your pain and how it has impacted your life, conduct various tests and present you with treatment options. MIPA physicians will help you put the pain in perspective in your life and counsel you in strategies that will facilitate your recovery. They are experts in the evaluation of the physical, neurological and psychological causes of your distress. You will be impressed with their detailed attention to your specific concerns and objectives.

It is likely that treatment will begin as part of your first visit. Depending upon the complexity of your condition, as schedule of treatments will be scheduled to meet your specific needs. Most patients experience significant relief as a result of the very first visit.

The specialty of chronic pain management has evolved dramatically over the past few decades and MIPA physicians are on the cutting edge of today’s treatment options. The use of technologies such as fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance to specifically target the anatomical causes of your pain has greatly increased the effectiveness of today’s pain procedures. These new approaches and modalities can be your best advantage in overcoming the conditions that have caused you such discomfort.

It is the nature of pain that it is not always easy to diagnose and treat. The average chronic pain patient has been to 5 to 6 other specialists prior to scheduling their first visit with a pain specialist. Save yourself this time, frustration and discomfort, call MIPA today at 248-624-7246 to schedule your initial evaluation. It is likely to be the most important call you ever make.