About Us

Our Mission

MIPA is committed to providing the highest quality state of the art anesthesia and pain management to our patients; to continually anticipate and exceed changing health, overall wellness, and pain management needs of our community. Our goal is to bring back the quality to our patients’ lives, through technology, professional excellence and compassion.

Our Vision

To relieve suffering and improve the quality of life through the latest, state of the art medical technology, commitment to excellence and compassion.

Pain Management Physicians

Pain Management Physicians

Pain management physicians are specifically trained to diagnose and treat persistent and debilitating pain conditions before they become worse and further impact your quality of life. Their comprehensive approach to the review and evaluation of all previous attempts to resolve your condition and a careful assessment of potential causes is different from that of all other medical specialists. Today’s pain management physicians have demonstrated considerable advances in helping patients return to a normal, healthy life.

The earlier the underlying causes of your condition are identified, the more quickly you can recover and the faster you will reclaim your quality of life. Many patients are reluctant to schedule time with a specialist, believing their condition will go away on its own. You know if your pain is getting worse and if it is impacting other aspects of your life. If it is the time has come to call Michigan Interventional Pain Associates (MIPA) immediately for an initial evaluation.